What is happening?

There are too many things going on. The speed of life seems to be higher than that of light. Now all this is going on in my mind within the mortal body I call “Me”.

Since I opened an account to blog on WordPress, I have been determined n enthusiastic about blogging. However, the truth of number of blogs I write n post says a different story.

What is happening? What I want to do is not getting done? Mostly what I wish doesn’t happen, this happens for sure. And I find myself having no control over it. I am sure you know where such situations lead to.

At least, nowadays I do not end up scolding n belittling myself. I accept this is, whatever it is. I have done it or I haven’t done it. It is simple and acceptable. Judging is out. It is mere observation.

This perspective of observation and acceptance of the present moment, has made me peaceful, even in the face of failure. Also in case something is done, n done well, there too it’s easy to handle. It is done n in some time it is gone. Not to mention the learning from the failure and trying again in a different way. 

This fills me with gratitude towards Dhamma, the universal law of nature, the way of life which is good for one and all beings. Gratitude towards all the Buddha’s, the determined people who endure all to live their lives as per Dhamma and teaching the way, out of compassion towards all. Gratitude towards all those who themselves practice and help others (the Sangam) to also stay on the path of Dhamma.

Many who read this, may wonder what is Dhamma n why Buddha and what is Sangha. What is happening, where is this blog leading to? My intention of writing this is clear. To share what is happening in my life as of now. Due to one right decision taken after experimenting many paths.

The journey to find peaceful meditation minus the gurudom and religion, led me to take up a ten-day residential Vipassana course, in the summer of 2015. I found peace and happiness as a biproduct of practicing the way, during the course and thereafter. Since the course there has been no turning back. 

Vipassana, is a nonsectarian practice, rediscovered by Siddharth Gautama, the Buddha, with emphasis on individual experience and a sole intention of changing one’s own behavior pattern.

The goal is to change our behavior pattern, making all our response to pure actions rather living with reactions. However, there are no timelines, working with oneself as we do with almost everything in our life. Our progress on the path is learnt by being observant of our own behavior in various situations. 

I am working on myself and do know of others who are doing so. What about you? What is happening at your end?

Sharing the following links for the benefit of those who may like to know more about Vipassana or Dhamma. 



Note – The above is my own interpretation and understanding.

Day – 1 Bhutan


Time – 5 PMish BTT ( Bhutan Time )  on 7th of Aug 2016.

Place – Paro International Airport

Status – Landed and lost in the beauty of the place.

En route to Thimphu

A drizzle and almost touching the clouds.

The Paro airport with the natural settings and the traditionally styled buildings wow…am I in 2016 or have I time traveled. The air had a taste of mist, light and pollution free.(Flying in from IGI airport, New Delhi. You can wonder.) Post immigration and baggage claim we faced our first hurdle. Bargaining with cabbies for a drop to Thimphu. Thankfully it was quick and we were on our way. Our chauffeur, Mr. Chencho helped us with the bags and showed us his driving card with all details; confirming he was a registered driver and the vehicle belonged to him. He also offered us a packet of Doma, beetle leaf, lime and a half areca /beetle nut. This was a surprise, to be offered paan ( Doma is a simple version of paan eaten widely in India). He helped himself and that was the start of the journey. We crossed the Paro chu (River) while leaving the airport and crossed numerous water-lets en route.

During our journey we did come across roads which had signs of landslides and at some places road expansion work was in progress. We were aware of landslides and houses being washed off in southern parts of Bhutan a few days back and were hoping mother nature would be kind to all.  Observation during the journey – no honking, most vehicles were driving @40 Km/h speed. Was surprised, most shops including the general stores, bakeries read “Bar” along side. Curiosity was addressed by the driver explaining to us that most Bhutanese men and women drink. Drinking is very common and socially accepted.

Chencho, was kind enough to offer his services for our trip. He shared a few tips of hiring local vehicles which would bring down the costs against hiring a vehicle for the entire trip. As we neared Thimphu we could see cluster of houses or commercial buildings. More populated than Paro. Most buildings are at least ground + three/four. Decorated with traditional paintings and wood work; every house looks similar, yet different. I could only think of Kerala, where every house is decorated differently. Most houses had the traditional paintings of the six lucky signs. As we entered Thimphu, we were welcomed by the warm gaze of the Buddha Dordenma; a huge statue of the Buddha over looking Thimphu.

As we entered Thimphu we could see the lane discipline followed by vehicles and the same overseen by uniformed traffic police. Thimphu being the capital and densely populated has many one ways to accommodate traffic. There are no traffic signals, only a traffic police using hand signals to direct the traffic. That was way back in India probably in the early 80’s. Vehicles stop at every zebra crossing allowing pedestrians to cross first. These are rare for an Indian to see in his own country. We were dropped at our hotel which is 5 mins walk from the clock tower, a prominent land mark in Thimphu.

Enjoying the view from our room on the third floor, sipping a hot cup of tea. Our first evening in the land of the Thunder Dragon; memorable. We saw three rooms before settling down with this one. The room had a good view above the neighboring buildings facing the east.

We ordered dinner at the hotel(a must do if you intend to have any meal, preorder at least 2 hours before else you could help yourself with road side eateries) and rushed to the market to get a Sim card and see the town area. A Sim card with a month’s validity is available to tourists on producing one’s passport and a copy of the permit. We also got a data recharge. The town has many pubs n disc. Almost every other building houses a shop. The market area had shops in the form of plaza. Every storey had different section. The food, fresh meat, dairy, bakeries and confectioneries or groceries were in the basement or ground level. Mobile electronics stationary were in ground and upper levels. We did find many people speaking Hindi with an Bihari accent.

During the day we saw many young men and women in their traditional attire of Gho and Kira. Evenings was different, people were seen in western wears and the pubs and discs were filling up. Most people walk around the city as the commercial areas are densely populated in the center of the city and interwoven by residential places. Most of the crowd in the city is young and have moved in from their native villages or towns for livelihood. Tourism being the second largest means of income for the country. First being Hydro power. The weather was cold compared to Aug weather in most metros of India.

Our dinner had Bhutan’s national dish – “Emma Datsi” ( Chilli cheese ). The hosts had tamed it down to match our tastes. We enjoyed roti’s with datsi and dal with rice. The next day had a trek planned to Cherry monastry along with a visit to a privately run art school. We retired to bed in the calm Himalayan country; happy to be there and looking forward to soaking in their culture.



A simple being. In love with Nature and all that it has to offer. Travel, food, people, animals, innovation are on my list. An earnest Meditator.

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Pretend – from a childish act to a way of life.


As kids most of us learnt naturally to pretend or were taught to pretend for fun. May it be sleep or a munching action, pretending to be an adult or a teacher or a bully. It sure was fun and we did carry it to many parts of life.

whats true????

I share stories of people who pretend to be different than what they actually are –

Pretend 1 – Miss X is a beautiful and charming lady, whom you would say is in her mid-20’s or so. I assumed her age, but soon got to know she has two kids both above 10 years of age. We were together in a training and had met then n there. She was kind and helpful. Knowing that I had just moved in to the city, with nowhere to go, she offered her own place for me to stay on two occasions. That was on the same day we met and another day in the week. Being inquisitive I did probe to know more about her. She was polite to answer me. She was divorced. The husband was an abusive drunkard and had kept her in a kind of house arrest. She planned to get herself and her kids out of this mess and fled from the house. That one decision of having a good life for self and her children, has kept her going. She keeps fit by daily exercising and eating healthy food. If I had not asked her I would have never known what a struggle this lady has gone through and how courageously she has faced them. Now the “Pretend” part, she hides behind the child like face of hers and never gives away her past. It seems to me that the brave heart says “No sympathies required, you carry on with your life, I do with mine”. The days I stayed with her were eye openers for me. Her maid would come and whine about her husband or son or daughter in law, Miss X would give it right back to her saying handle it, you know what to do and what to say, do not keep cribbing about it. At work she was friendly, professional and gave all she can to do her job well and beyond. Post work she would unleash her passion for baking. She catered for friends and friends of friends by baking delicious cakes, cookies and chocolates. This helped her financially and kept her busy till the time she crashed at night. Years of scars would be difficult to grow out of, she needed pills to calm her down to rest or sleep. She pretends to show everything is normal, when outwardly it is but inwardly only she knows what she goes through. Pretend, for a cause of it.

Pretend 2 – Miss Y, a 12-year-old, of a family friend. She is smart, studious, well-traveled (thanks to her mom, who makes sure to take the little one where ever she went since she was 6 months old), class monitor, dancer, singer and many more. Being the only child she is showered with heavy care by her mom. She shows her smartness in speech, actions, thoughts and writing. The same when it comes to showing care and affection towards a few chosen ones, like her father, paternal grandparents and the small girl next door. However, she pretends to be blind of any loving actions of her mom and shuns them away saying, it is her duty to do so. This act of “PRETEND”, is among many of us too, regardless of age and generation towards both parents or one of the parent. I wonder where this act of pretending would lead to.

Pretend 3 – We are invincible. Look at all of us, the way we live. We breathe as if we are to have all the oxygen for many eons to come, so with the water, so with everything nature has to give us. We face those consequences too. Global warming, diseases, disparity, increased killing, reduced tolerance, selfish desires – all in alarmed warning to mend our ways. But how we PRETEND to be unaware of these time and again. We may attend a lecture or a talk and even support it by sharing with others, but where is the action? Are we implementing it in our day to day life? Can we just stop pretending that everything is fine and actually accept the situation and ACT!

The stories shared above are real.

What’s your Zing!

via Daily Prompt: Zing!

What makes people write? what's their Zing!

Curious about your Zing!

25th Aug 2016, I took up a challenge to write a blog. Though very chatty in person or on phone I was tongue tied. My assurance; you need a brain and hands to type and not a tongue. Zing! It is 12/13th Sept 2016, today, and I am revisiting the blog I wrote and also the 2 weeks of support from word press. Most of the mails have been marked important but not read.

So what is it that keeps us away from doing what we ourselves have identified as our interest? I am curious to know this. Seriously how could it be that you like to do something and are dying to do it but do not write a word?????? I would like to hear from you, how has it been for you? The initial days when you started blogging in the past or present, what did you go through? What was your Zing! to blog? Did you happen to grab a device and just went from one blog to another? Or did you scribble a few drafts and published only your best? Or Did you wait for the best moment when you knew the time was right? Curious, curious I am to know.

Look forward to your response, of your experiences. Do share about your Zing! (efforts /willpower /creativity /love /craziness / what you call it?) on how you have been at it, maintaining the continuity.