Indecisive to Decisive

The moments when, i am caught in that turbulent stream of thoughts;

The results of which, i am washed down a bottom less ocean of fright.

The moments when, i am aware of the reality, breath by breath;

The results of which, i am decisive, from moment to moment.


What’s your Zing!

via Daily Prompt: Zing!

What makes people write? what's their Zing!

Curious about your Zing!

25th Aug 2016, I took up a challenge to write a blog. Though very chatty in person or on phone I was tongue tied. My assurance; you need a brain and hands to type and not a tongue. Zing! It is 12/13th Sept 2016, today, and I am revisiting the blog I wrote and also the 2 weeks of support from word press. Most of the mails have been marked important but not read.

So what is it that keeps us away from doing what we ourselves have identified as our interest? I am curious to know this. Seriously how could it be that you like to do something and are dying to do it but do not write a word?????? I would like to hear from you, how has it been for you? The initial days when you started blogging in the past or present, what did you go through? What was your Zing! to blog? Did you happen to grab a device and just went from one blog to another? Or did you scribble a few drafts and published only your best? Or Did you wait for the best moment when you knew the time was right? Curious, curious I am to know.

Look forward to your response, of your experiences. Do share about your Zing! (efforts /willpower /creativity /love /craziness / what you call it?) on how you have been at it, maintaining the continuity.