Who I am and why I’m here

if you are curious about life too we must connect.
Who am I and why am I here? – By Maha. The picture is of Matheran, a hill station in Maharashtra.

I have been experimenting with life. Examining things from different perspectives and even putting on various caps. I am a curious character and would love to know how things work. This is applicable to how people think and act, how the market works, culinary interests both in flaming the kitchen as well as relishing the burnt food, arts, science, culture, lifestyle, nature, animals, creativity and so forth. (Let me take a breath……)

In doing all these, my way of approach is being open to new ideas, accepting others and their views, a sense of harmony with a deep ingrained belief (and truth) that we all are Earthians.

Things I do – Support the environment, interact with people, travel, experiment with new food (Vegetarian) love to listen/read/watch stories and narrate them too. I am on a journey to know thyself. Things I intend doing – Have a self sustainable living, sharing beneficial ideas with people on various forums and bring awareness towards the conservation of nature.

The world is shrinking as we all are connected through the net and are able to share in a realistic time frame. And I would like to connect with them too. A global community with a passion to write and speak for the betterment of all. That’s my idea to be here. Took some time to come out of my cozy cocoon. Now that I’m out, I would like to spread my wings and use them to take me places. I would love to meet people with similar interests, eager to hear their stories and share mine. Hoping to connect with all you wonderful people.