What is happening?

There are too many things going on. The speed of life seems to be higher than that of light. Now all this is going on in my mind within the mortal body I call “Me”.

Since I opened an account to blog on WordPress, I have been determined n enthusiastic about blogging. However, the truth of number of blogs I write n post says a different story.

What is happening? What I want to do is not getting done? Mostly what I wish doesn’t happen, this happens for sure. And I find myself having no control over it. I am sure you know where such situations lead to.

At least, nowadays I do not end up scolding n belittling myself. I accept this is, whatever it is. I have done it or I haven’t done it. It is simple and acceptable. Judging is out. It is mere observation.

This perspective of observation and acceptance of the present moment, has made me peaceful, even in the face of failure. Also in case something is done, n done well, there too it’s easy to handle. It is done n in some time it is gone. Not to mention the learning from the failure and trying again in a different way. 

This fills me with gratitude towards Dhamma, the universal law of nature, the way of life which is good for one and all beings. Gratitude towards all the Buddha’s, the determined people who endure all to live their lives as per Dhamma and teaching the way, out of compassion towards all. Gratitude towards all those who themselves practice and help others (the Sangam) to also stay on the path of Dhamma.

Many who read this, may wonder what is Dhamma n why Buddha and what is Sangha. What is happening, where is this blog leading to? My intention of writing this is clear. To share what is happening in my life as of now. Due to one right decision taken after experimenting many paths.

The journey to find peaceful meditation minus the gurudom and religion, led me to take up a ten-day residential Vipassana course, in the summer of 2015. I found peace and happiness as a biproduct of practicing the way, during the course and thereafter. Since the course there has been no turning back. 

Vipassana, is a nonsectarian practice, rediscovered by Siddharth Gautama, the Buddha, with emphasis on individual experience and a sole intention of changing one’s own behavior pattern.

The goal is to change our behavior pattern, making all our response to pure actions rather living with reactions. However, there are no timelines, working with oneself as we do with almost everything in our life. Our progress on the path is learnt by being observant of our own behavior in various situations. 

I am working on myself and do know of others who are doing so. What about you? What is happening at your end?

Sharing the following links for the benefit of those who may like to know more about Vipassana or Dhamma. 



Note – The above is my own interpretation and understanding.


Who I am and why I’m here

if you are curious about life too we must connect.
Who am I and why am I here? – By Maha. The picture is of Matheran, a hill station in Maharashtra.

I have been experimenting with life. Examining things from different perspectives and even putting on various caps. I am a curious character and would love to know how things work. This is applicable to how people think and act, how the market works, culinary interests both in flaming the kitchen as well as relishing the burnt food, arts, science, culture, lifestyle, nature, animals, creativity and so forth. (Let me take a breath……)

In doing all these, my way of approach is being open to new ideas, accepting others and their views, a sense of harmony with a deep ingrained belief (and truth) that we all are Earthians.

Things I do – Support the environment, interact with people, travel, experiment with new food (Vegetarian) love to listen/read/watch stories and narrate them too. I am on a journey to know thyself. Things I intend doing – Have a self sustainable living, sharing beneficial ideas with people on various forums and bring awareness towards the conservation of nature.

The world is shrinking as we all are connected through the net and are able to share in a realistic time frame. And I would like to connect with them too. A global community with a passion to write and speak for the betterment of all. That’s my idea to be here. Took some time to come out of my cozy cocoon. Now that I’m out, I would like to spread my wings and use them to take me places. I would love to meet people with similar interests, eager to hear their stories and share mine. Hoping to connect with all you wonderful people.